WAKE UP from Thomas O’Grady on Vimeo.

May.25 – Jun.3, 2011
the Kitchen, 512 West 19th Street, New York, N.Y. 10011

The message is clear – They Live – we need to WAKE UP.

Through creative practice and with the coming together of a creative rebel army we must infiltrate the mighty broadcast networks, we must let the word be known, we must WAKE UP. Invite all those who know these networks and those machines to be falsifiers of truth, agents for suppressors, broadcasters of fear – invite all those who know this and those who are unawares to join in and create interventions, disturbances, alterations to these screens, monitors, broadcast channels, videos, dvd’s, television sets . . . these things that are so familiar, let us use them to get the message across that we are sick of these conglomerate corporations shaping our world in to one of hatred, fear and war. I need to get this message across, we need to get this message across. Enough is enough. You have kept us suppressed, distracted, sedated and asleep far too long – we know what you have done and what you have become and we will not stand for it anymore.

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