They Move the Goalposts

As part of my ‘Northernness’ project I have created an array of football goalposts. Football is an integral part of life in the north of England and played a huge part in my upbringing in Manchester. My ‘goalposts’ are altered so that you cannot in fact score a goal. A comment on how the goalposts are often moved for those striving for better things in this part of the world only for public spending to be annexed by a London centric government. A good example is how much is spent on public transport per capita. London, £4895, North-East England, £246.

Another example of them ‘moving the goalposts’ is not allowing public spending on a 21st century transport system that would turn the northern cities of Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds in to one interconnected mega-city which would allow for cultural growth and create a genuinely bigger economy. Rather the government would prefer to spend billions on a high speed train line from London to the North so that commuters can get back to the Citadel 20 minutes faster.

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