Thatcher Baby. from Thomas O’Grady on Vimeo.

Systematically editing the memoirs of Margaret Thatcher using a piece of coal (in reference to her destruction of the Coal Industry in Albion) I have deciphered hidden messages and meanings within the text.

Truths are revealed in terms of how Maggie’s radical neo-liberal agenda and neo-conservative politics has indoctrinated many generations of Britons in to the misguided and satanic ways of Thatcherism.

Thus I am bound, ready, willing and able to preach and recite from the book in any abandoned crumbling edifice of Albion’s industrial past or any forgotten and derelict place and speak to those who wish to hear, wish to question, wish to hope for a land free of the grasp of these dark political and monarchical forces which seek to enslave us forever more.

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