Media Rebel

Media Rebel from Thomas O’Grady on Vimeo.

We are living in a state of benign indifference. Human beings are saturated by commercial media which has turned us in to a pack of subdued, sedated, foot soldiers unwilling to break the status quo for fear of a cost to ourselves. This state of media hypnosis has made us unconscious of its evil effects. This state of being must and will be broken. It can be done by using the very materials they use against us . . . broadcast media. Through the manipulation of these fascist, oppressive machines we can turn them back on themselves with the aim of causing them to self implode thus freeing humanity from its manipulative grasp.

These machines of falseness have infiltrated the private lives of all whom we know and those that we do not know and now during these final desperate stages of late capitalism they have managed to invade the public spaces of humanity. ‘Ambient Televisions’ haunt our cities, distract, intrude, feed our citizens with useless information. Enough of this incessant bombardment of nonsense! Let us make our own symphony of nonsense and take back our own consciousness!


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