Evil Orchestrated

Evil Orchestrated from Thomas O’Grady on Vimeo.

It has been said before, but we need to say it again, The Queen, a Fascist Regime.

The Queen, the Crown, the Windsors, the British Monarchy whatever you want to call it, is a highly organized construct designed to suppress not only the people of Albion but also plays an integral part in the plans of the New World Order. The Queen being the symbolic figure head of their satanic endeavors to suppress and control the whole world.

We need to remind ourselves exactly what the Crown represents, and we need to repeat the message over and over again, so as to remind ourselves in this age of mass distraction, that indeed it is a fascist regime. These people believe they have a ‘Divine Rite’ to rule over us. They don’t. It is an illusion.

Again let us all say, loud and clear, “God Save the Queen. A Fascist Regime.”

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